Monday, October 16, 2017

HELLO! HELLO!  2017 is coming close to an end but that doesn't mean there is not time to get back into shape.  Taking the right steps in Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle is an easy process as long as you stay committed! 

From now until the end of December give the gift of fitness to yourself and those around you!  With every new membership at Platinum Fitness, 700-1 Union Parkway, Ronkonkoma receive the following:

1 Month Membership -    1 Intro Session
3 Month Membership -    2 Intro Sessions
1 Year Memberships -      3  Intro Sessions!

ALL Introduction Sessions include the following:

An introduction to Platinum Fitness, each floor, each area, all equipment and all amenities explained. Your current or past exercise routines, current and past nutrition and lifestyle. 

You will get a plan of attack to take you to your next fitness level and goals!

Personal Training Discounts will also be readily available to those wanting to continue with direction!

Don't waste time and don't procrastinate. NOW is as good as any time to get working on yourself.  We all have plenty of time to manage getting our fitness and nutritional needs in, its all up to US to get it accomplished.  See you at the gym! - Brian


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