Monday, October 16, 2017

HELLO! HELLO!  2017 is coming close to an end but that doesn't mean there is not time to get back into shape.  Taking the right steps in Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle is an easy process as long as you stay committed! 

From now until the end of December give the gift of fitness to yourself and those around you!  With every new membership at Platinum Fitness, 700-1 Union Parkway, Ronkonkoma receive the following:

1 Month Membership -    1 Intro Session
3 Month Membership -    2 Intro Sessions
1 Year Memberships -      3  Intro Sessions!

ALL Introduction Sessions include the following:

An introduction to Platinum Fitness, each floor, each area, all equipment and all amenities explained. Your current or past exercise routines, current and past nutrition and lifestyle. 

You will get a plan of attack to take you to your next fitness level and goals!

Personal Training Discounts will also be readily available to those wanting to continue with direction!

Don't waste time and don't procrastinate. NOW is as good as any time to get working on yourself.  We all have plenty of time to manage getting our fitness and nutritional needs in, its all up to US to get it accomplished.  See you at the gym! - Brian

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Looking to do something new?  Been saying that you want to "Get in the gym" - "Get back to the gym." - "I want to be in the best shape of my life this year!?"  "Ive never worked out, but I am intimidated to learn how..."  Does any of this sound like you?  Getting back on track couldn't be any more simpler then this.  The 135 Program.  This program helps you not only understand what type of direction you want and need to go in order to start living a healthier lifestyle, it shows you every step.  It is not a program that you need to sweat for 90 minutes and then hate the next five days.  It is not a program that will intimidate you and show you what you can't do or make you feel pain in every part of your body.  This program simply helps you, teaches you and it gets you moving in the right direction.  Its for the person who may be in the gym every day.  It's for the person who never even picked up a weight in their life.  It's for the person who just wants help with anything related to living more healthier.  We all don't know everything there is in life, but you can be confident, even after the first sit down that you will feel better about yourself, the next day and the direction your going to be going.  You will look back and say wow, this is really fun.  You will want more and you will start to find the reasons to go chase your fitness goals over making excuses for them....

What is the 135 Program?

5 Personal Training Slots Totalling 135 Minutes. Due to just how contagious the amount of information that will be flowing is, you will get more than that, never less.  Always more.  There is truly no time frame for success.

Session 1:  Meet and Greet.  We will sit down, laugh, get to know one another, set up goals, set up what you see yourself as, learn about what your body is capable of.

Session 2:  Measurements for success.  WE WILL NOT TAKE YOUR WEIGHT.  That's right, you heard it right.  Weight is only weight.  It doesn't show RESULTS.  You will be shown the proper way to measure your success and you will see it as much as feel it through the system created.

Session 3:  Nutrition, Cravings Control & Food Choices.  There is no such thing as a BAD food or a GOOD food.  But what you need to start realizing is WHY we want those foods, what foods and what they can do to prevent, help and accomplish our goals.  This session will touch upon the MANY questions we have in regards to nutrition, consumption, diet yo-yo's, supplements, vitamins & minerals.  You will leave with so much more than questions.  You will get answers.

Session 4:  Lets start building what our goal is.  We may start this session in the session before this, but this is where we start to challenge who you are, what your body is made of.  The foundation gets set in number four. We hit the floor.  The gym floor, the pavement, the jungle gym, maybe even your house!  There is NO rule to working out so this is where we apply technique and find interesting ways to start showing you how to train towards your goal.

Session 5:  Gym Flow & Re-Evaluation.  Our second training session wherever it is.  We hit your body harder, we start doing things you never thought you would see yourself doing.  We go, go, go.  We push.  We lift.  We sweat.  Then we talk about it all from A to Z.  Re-evaluate where you want to be.  Where you want to go. What the next step is.

135 Reasons you can do this program.

135 Reasons why you may think your going to fail, but will not.

135 Foods for thought that will make you say "mmmmmmmmm!" instead of "UGGGHHH!!!".

The best part? 

All of this and more for only $135.00 
(**The value of this entire program separately is over $400.00!!!!**)

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE E-MAIL BRIAN @ or call at any time to set up your first appointment before slots fill.  With the information given out in this program, at this point your just making excuses not to start if you haven't already called.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Question Of The Week: "How do you prepare your meals and what do you do to stay motivated?"

Well hello again!  Okay, so the question came across that a few people obviously have some concerns about motivation, how to stay on your "diets", how to cook, what do I eat, how do I eat it, etc. etc...  Well guess what boys and girls, I am just like you and always have the same questions.

As far as my motivation towards things, even in life in general... I have obtained 90% of my life experiences, business success through, ready for it?  BEING POSITIVE.  Yes, I know it is a hard concept to grasp, BUT IT WORKS!  I am actually a humble person when it comes to my accomplishments, but like the old saying goes, "if I can do it, you can as well." Nothing besides my crazy personality is any different then what you can be.  It is all in attitude.  If you want it, you can get it.  I have an old saying... "Always dream more than you can afford, because one day you just may be able to afford your dreams." - Brian Vincent  I love inspiring others to do their best, and congratulate those who take control of their future in life and lifestyle.  But what makes me even more like you is that there is no secret remedy.  No secret recipe.. There is just a desire or want to lead a lifestyle that makes me feel good.  I have my days, have my months, I have my weeks... Then I reset, look forward and take the day by the balls!  I ask myself, what do I want, where do I wanna be?  How do I feel now? 

I have my fat days, my skinny days, my more "man-handsome" days... Also my best advice is this... WHEN you wanna start, START.  I hate when people say "Oh, I am starting my diet/workout/living lifestyle on MONDAY."  Okay... its nice you have a goal, BUT WHAT ABOUT TODAY?  Whats wrong with a thursday?  A Tuesday?  A saturday!?  The best thing you can do it shock your body for results.  So GET STARTED!  First of all, WHO LIKES MONDAYS besides me? (See, its all in your attitude!) hahaha OKAY.. so enough with my mind reset for all of you out there.

My EATING PLAN, as I call it due to the past statements and those who know me, I don't use the word diet.. why? The first three letters are DIE.. I don't wanna feel dead, I just wanna change my body... most people are so MISERABLE "DIEting" so I'd rather skip that feeling and just eat right...

My usual days when I clean up are as follows:

Meal 1:
AM after cardio:  1/2 cup to a cup (pending carb load days) of oatmeal w/ a sprinkle of Cinnamon and a small teaspoon of honey

Meal 2:
12 Hard Boiled Egg Whites - I used to do a ratio of one yoke to every 4 eggs but I don't like them and the added fat always made my metabolism slow down for some reason.

Meal 3:
Usually this is when I take my some more daily vitamins/supps and I take in a protein shake.

Meal 4:
4-6 oz of grilled chicken, usually blan with no seasoning... (my gf doesn't know how I eat it so dry) and 2/3 cups of asparagus or a sweet potato.

Meal 5: Same as above.

Meal 6: Same as above.

Meal 7 Protein Shake before bed.  I also make sure it is a protein that is either low in carbs or no carbs at all depending on how I feel.  I also usually scoop a teaspoon of peanut butter into it so as to slow my metabolism at night to let the protein absorb slower.  Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I will also try and get another one in.

I usually eat between 7-8 meals a day taking in 325-400 grams of protein with enough carbs to maintain my BRAIN function.. when I feel lethargic or run down, it usually means my carbs are too low.  I also use the note of "when I forget things easily" my carbs need to be raised. 

Allot of people cycle carbs up and down, low high days, I have played around with this and sometimes it works, but my body adapts better to the "usual" stuff.  Whenever I changed constantly, my body never adapted well and my results usually took WAY longer.  What I do today also doesn't work tomorrow.  What you did last year, will not work this year.   Its a constant equation of what works and what doesn't. 

I keep all my food in "lock seal" container type of storage that I picked up at a local grocery store, if you wanna know more feel free to e-mail me and I will tell you what they are.  I use a regular, cloth cooler with a plastic insert and carry the food with me everywhere I go. :)

Cooking prep and time usually depends on how I cook the foods, I use steamer bags for all my veggies and grill most of my chicken dishes. Most cases to prepare my food it takes about an hour.

Most people will also say, NO RED MEAT? Are you veggan?   NOPE, no sir, no anti-steak red meat party here, just don't cook it or wanna take the time to.  Thats not saying if I wanna get steak in bulk, I would put it there.  Also most steaks carry a high content of fats.. In which my case is, fats stick right me... so I just avoid it...

Okay, so there is my "usual" rundown when I am eating clean.  I actually like it.  I like the feeling, feel way more healthy and try to have one "cheat" meal on the weekend... but usually I end up eating chicken in some way shape or form!  Ironic huh...

You will find that, like I tell my clients, if you want something, have it.  You will not binge as much and as you start seeing the results, you will not DESIRE the cheats as much as well.  There are plenty of secrets out there and so many I can share, over time, I will.... As for now, hope this gives some more insight into the world of fitness and the next time I will touch more upon the food choices to choose that are better as opposed to whats not.  There is no such thing as a "BAD FOOD", just bad decisions and not thinking of why your putting certain foods in your mouth!  Always think about every time you open that trap, why are you gonna chew it and digest it?  For your body?  OR For your mind!    Till next time, live in health! - Brian

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello everyone as I said, it so begins my weekly updates on this blog.  I was thinking about what to write about to start but then I remembered this video series by HBO in regards to "The Weight of The Nation"... it goes into depth about the national problem we are having with obesity.  I will structure the next few blogs off some in general opinions and facts about it. 

Many of you may or may not know, I was considered an "obese" child... I played sports, was always out with friends, playing hockey or baseball till our parents had to come and find us, but probably due to the amount of rich sugary foods in my house... I was a weee bit bigger then most kids...  The large bottlecap glasses didn't really help my handsome chances back then but that is a totally different topic..haha 

Today, with the internet, video game enhancements, social media sites and cell phones you will be lucky if you can find a child even on the street pedaling a bike.  Todays children seem to not be as active and the usual, give them what they want to quiet them down attitude, leads to the fast food diet.  If your feeding americas adults and children with meals that carry more calories consumed in one sandwich then in what is supposed to be their daily caloric intake, well your surpassing the whole point of a balanced daily food consumption schedule.

Take a look at the video series below and feel free to post your opinions!  I am excited about giving you a taste of my opinion and as we all know, I love challenging minds, educating and learning myself from everyone!  Till next time... BDH

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



This is the beginning to a journey we all embark on called the fitness lifestyle! Keep your eye on this blog and page for updates, news, questions and answers, random posts and excitement that is going to come from your new fitness leader. Feel free to come down and see me at World Gym, Ronkonkoma at 15 Hawkins Road Ronkonkoma New York 11779 The new home of Fitness Innovation Consulting or Contact Brian at 631-433-0133

With Great Regard To Your Health!


Thursday, September 15, 2011