Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Looking to do something new?  Been saying that you want to "Get in the gym" - "Get back to the gym." - "I want to be in the best shape of my life this year!?"  "Ive never worked out, but I am intimidated to learn how..."  Does any of this sound like you?  Getting back on track couldn't be any more simpler then this.  The 135 Program.  This program helps you not only understand what type of direction you want and need to go in order to start living a healthier lifestyle, it shows you every step.  It is not a program that you need to sweat for 90 minutes and then hate the next five days.  It is not a program that will intimidate you and show you what you can't do or make you feel pain in every part of your body.  This program simply helps you, teaches you and it gets you moving in the right direction.  Its for the person who may be in the gym every day.  It's for the person who never even picked up a weight in their life.  It's for the person who just wants help with anything related to living more healthier.  We all don't know everything there is in life, but you can be confident, even after the first sit down that you will feel better about yourself, the next day and the direction your going to be going.  You will look back and say wow, this is really fun.  You will want more and you will start to find the reasons to go chase your fitness goals over making excuses for them....

What is the 135 Program?

5 Personal Training Slots Totalling 135 Minutes. Due to just how contagious the amount of information that will be flowing is, you will get more than that, never less.  Always more.  There is truly no time frame for success.

Session 1:  Meet and Greet.  We will sit down, laugh, get to know one another, set up goals, set up what you see yourself as, learn about what your body is capable of.

Session 2:  Measurements for success.  WE WILL NOT TAKE YOUR WEIGHT.  That's right, you heard it right.  Weight is only weight.  It doesn't show RESULTS.  You will be shown the proper way to measure your success and you will see it as much as feel it through the system created.

Session 3:  Nutrition, Cravings Control & Food Choices.  There is no such thing as a BAD food or a GOOD food.  But what you need to start realizing is WHY we want those foods, what foods and what they can do to prevent, help and accomplish our goals.  This session will touch upon the MANY questions we have in regards to nutrition, consumption, diet yo-yo's, supplements, vitamins & minerals.  You will leave with so much more than questions.  You will get answers.

Session 4:  Lets start building what our goal is.  We may start this session in the session before this, but this is where we start to challenge who you are, what your body is made of.  The foundation gets set in number four. We hit the floor.  The gym floor, the pavement, the jungle gym, maybe even your house!  There is NO rule to working out so this is where we apply technique and find interesting ways to start showing you how to train towards your goal.

Session 5:  Gym Flow & Re-Evaluation.  Our second training session wherever it is.  We hit your body harder, we start doing things you never thought you would see yourself doing.  We go, go, go.  We push.  We lift.  We sweat.  Then we talk about it all from A to Z.  Re-evaluate where you want to be.  Where you want to go. What the next step is.

135 Reasons you can do this program.

135 Reasons why you may think your going to fail, but will not.

135 Foods for thought that will make you say "mmmmmmmmm!" instead of "UGGGHHH!!!".

The best part? 

All of this and more for only $135.00 
(**The value of this entire program separately is over $400.00!!!!**)

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE E-MAIL BRIAN @ BrianHockerCPT@yahoo.com or call at any time to set up your first appointment before slots fill.  With the information given out in this program, at this point your just making excuses not to start if you haven't already called.