Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello everyone as I said, it so begins my weekly updates on this blog.  I was thinking about what to write about to start but then I remembered this video series by HBO in regards to "The Weight of The Nation"... it goes into depth about the national problem we are having with obesity.  I will structure the next few blogs off some in general opinions and facts about it. 

Many of you may or may not know, I was considered an "obese" child... I played sports, was always out with friends, playing hockey or baseball till our parents had to come and find us, but probably due to the amount of rich sugary foods in my house... I was a weee bit bigger then most kids...  The large bottlecap glasses didn't really help my handsome chances back then but that is a totally different topic..haha 

Today, with the internet, video game enhancements, social media sites and cell phones you will be lucky if you can find a child even on the street pedaling a bike.  Todays children seem to not be as active and the usual, give them what they want to quiet them down attitude, leads to the fast food diet.  If your feeding americas adults and children with meals that carry more calories consumed in one sandwich then in what is supposed to be their daily caloric intake, well your surpassing the whole point of a balanced daily food consumption schedule.

Take a look at the video series below and feel free to post your opinions!  I am excited about giving you a taste of my opinion and as we all know, I love challenging minds, educating and learning myself from everyone!  Till next time... BDH